PRIVATE EVENTS: 2017 - General Information
ROOM RENTAL: Your house, or mine. The House, The Gardens, The Convertible Dining Rooms + The Chapel ceremony site are reserved for a period of two hours and forty-five minutes for $750 - $2000 for a private event. Additional time or full-night/full day functions may be pre-arranged. Private functions are not available for Folk Festival, Jazz Festival or holiday weekends.  Arrangements may also be made for the entire house + gardens + bars for extended day events.
     The room rental charge is associated with room/area setup, linens, special glassware, unique venue, breakdown + cleanup of equipment, additional staffing, use of catering small-wares, menu development, serving utensils, chafing dishes, candle lighting, custom menu preparation + printing, communication + coordination with the event manager, preparing a budget estimate, etc.  The room fee covers all the reasons + the expenses such that a host may not want to have an event in their own home.
  • Additional Time:  For each additional 1/2 hour, there is an additional fee of $200.00.  Additional time MUST be pre-arranged + pre-paid. 
  • Over-Run Time:  After the agreed time, rooms are re-opened to other patrons + general public. End time is determined by all guests having left the agreed upon event area. If an event overruns the allotted time, there is an additional time charge of $200.00 per 1/2 hour or portion thereof. 
    • Monday through Thursday:   5:00 pm through 7: 45 pm
                                       8:15 pm through 11:00 pm
  • Saturday Eve: 3:00 pm through 5:45 pm
  • Saturday + Sunday:   2:00 pm through 4:45 pm
  • Sunday Day:   1:00 pm through 4:30 pm
     FOOD + BEVERAGE: Hungry + Thirsty. Guests may be offered an a la carte, pre-order or reduced-sized menu specific to your event or dietary needs from the regular Simpatico Menu.  Generally, we suggest a reduced-sized menu (Scroll to the bottom of the page for generic samples). For example:
  • Pre-ordered tableside appetizers (selected by YOU)
  • Perhaps, a salad course (prepared as a single serving)
  • A selection of four items that may include the following selections: pasta/vegetarian, chicken, beef and fish.
     If offering pre-selected wines/beers, the wines are charged per full bottle + not for portions thereof.  All service staff are trained + licensed in alcohol service training.  Simpatico Jamestown does not participate in the "Merlot-to-Go" program.  Alcohol Consumption is based on a standard average of 2.5 beverages per guest over the duration of the event, so each estimate will vary from the actual consumption.  Wine is NOT left on the tables for any event, but served by Simpatico Staff by a side bar to ensure the safety of guests. Simpatico Jamestown cannot host a BYOB event. 
      The reduced-size menu is in a standard Simpatico Jamestown format.   If you prefer to customize your menu, we  e-mail you a digital word document for you or your printer. 
     You are welcome to bring in a cake or dessert treat for your special event. (Please, no ice cream desserts.)  Staff will present and plate your dessert with coffee + tea service $3.95 per guest.  In advance, please let the event manager know if any of the remainder of the sweet treats should be prepared "to-go."
Your  Budget. During high season (May 1st - Columbus Day Weekend), private events require a minimum food and beverage purchase of $65.00 (plus taxes and gratuity on pre-tax amount) for a minimum of 35 guests for a total of $2,275.  Realistically, hosts should budget approximately $70 per person (plus taxes + gratuity + room rental).  If a cash bar option is chosen, the host is responsible for any remaining balance that does not meet the minimum per person charge.   The manager can help guide you with different options regarding wine/beer open service, cash bar + open-bar.

     DEPOSIT + CONTRACTS: Required In order to secure one of our event spaces, a deposit total of $800.00 is required.

  • $600 deposit is required upon receipt of the signed contract to secure the date
  • $200 deposit is required for any "Over-Run Time."
Deposits are applied toward your bill at the conclusion of your event. Contracts are provided upon receipt of deposit.
     PAYMENT/GRATUITY:  Final payment is due at the end of your event. We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express, cash and personal check(with prior approval from the manager). A 20% gratuity is calculated based on Food + Beverage only.
     SALES + MEALS TAX: To the Governor.  7% RI Sales Tax and 1% Local Meals Tax will be calculated and added to the final bill based on Food, Beverage + Room Rental as required by the Rhode Island Division of Taxation.
     JAMESTOWN + NEWPORT FERRY:  Ferry Fun.  For those parties, pairing a Simpatico event with the ferry service, please contact the Ferry service to coordinate the timing of your event.  The ferry service extends their operating schedule during summer months to include additional late night runs.  Visit or call 401-423-9900 for more information.
  • Regular Mail:
Simpatico Jamestown
13 Narragansett Avenue,
Jamestown, RI  02835

  • Email:
  • Phone: 401-423-2000
    Thank you.
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From star rating
Better than Newport!   posted 2015-01-12
Our wedding was on the Friday of Labor Day weekend and Newport is an extremely busy and can sometimes be overpriced. We had researched every restaurant every possible location in Newport for our rehearsal and everyone wanted a minimum tab of $5000 on food and alcohol. We finally decided to go over the bridge to Simpatico and I am so thrilled that we did. Amy, the owner, is truly amazing to work with. She was upfront and honest with us from the moment we met her. My husband and I as well as my now in-laws sat and met with Amy in May and reviewed every aspect of how the dinner would be. We were able to see the private, beautifully decorated room that our dinner would be held in. We were given a menu with multiple options to customize for our guests to eat. We had an ample selection of wine and beer to choose from to serve to our guests as well. The night of the dinner we were truly amazed and impressed at how well run the dinner was and how professional each and every member of the staff was. We had our room reserved for 2 hours and 45 minutes and there was plenty of time for mingling, drinks, appetizers, dinner, speeches and gifts to be handed out. I highly recommend that everyone take the ride back over the bridge and use Simpatico - not only for your rehearsal dinner but for any occasion. We have celebrated many birthdays here and plan to continue to use this restaurant for all of our families special days.
From Google+ star rating
Georgiegirl RhodeIsland - a year ago
Some friends and I went to Simpatico last evening to celebrate a birthday. Our lovely experience started a week ago when I spoke with Amy to make a reservation. I cannot stress enough what a fantastic staff Simpatico has. The ambiance was lovely, we were treated like old friends, the food came out in a timely fashion and was hot, and the drinks were great. Being a bit of a food snob, I found the menu to be quite nice. One was not overwhelmed with a plethora of dishes, yet the selections for all tastes were there. The food boasted freshness and quality ingredients put together in refreshing and delicious ways. I look forward to many more visits to Simpatico. The restaurant was busy, yet the staff made us feel special.  They not only served the cake, but presented it on a silver platter decorated with fresh flowers that complimented the design of the cake. I highly recommend Simpatico to any diner who appreciates good food, fine ambiance, and a fabulous staff! A particular thank you to Amy, Lisa and Matt!!!!!
From TripAdvisor
Donna S (Hingham, MA)  -10/1/2013
“Fantastic rehearsal dinner”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 1, 2013 - Simpatico provided a yummy meal, beautiful setting, and exceptional service for our son's rehearsal dinner. Simpatico's staff made it a breeze to plan our event, with helpful advice on menus and quantity (and their cost estimate for a 25-person dinner was spot on). Our dinner was delicious and the staff exceptional in making our guests comfortable. We're just delighted.
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